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Jeri is a mom to 1 tiny human and 3 fur babies. She grew up in Savannah, but in 2005 she had the opportunity explore and live on the west coast through her job as a Pediatric RN. During that adventure, she fell in love with San Diego and made that her home for the next 11 years. In San Diego, she discovered yoga when she walked past a sign near her house that said “free yoga” for about 6 months before she finally decided to try it. She wandered into her first Yoga Sculpt class and had no idea what she was getting into. Jeri not only loved the physical benefits of hot yoga combined with HIIT and strength training, but she noticed a huge change in her energy level so she was instantly hooked. It wasn’t until 2 years later when she decided to do Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training that she finally stepped foot into a Vinyasa Yoga class and a whole new world was opened up to her. She loves sharing her passion for yoga and watching people fall in love with yoga just like she did.