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Jena hails from North Carolina originally and has been in Savannah 25 years. She is Momma to 4 children and Wife to a fantastic husband. Jena Graduated from Culinary school and has personal training/yoga/barre/pilates certifications galore

Jena’s yoga journey:

As a child, I recall my mom doing yoga and doing it with her (as much as a child can) so when yoga starting becoming more popular I decided to give my yoga days another try. So I did, and I was not great, at all, but loved the way it made me feel and the strength I gained from practice. It also reminds me of the time I got to spend with just my mom as a child. I love yoga for so many reasons, one of which is the whipping I can give and receive in classes! For something that seems so gentle and flowing, it takes intense strength of mind and body to accomplish poses. Practicing yoga stretches me, pun intended, in ways I never thought I could be stretched, mentally and physically, which is one of the reasons I love teaching it so much. Being able to encourage and walk the fitness journey with students is truly my joy.