Chelsea Dye is an entrepreneur, superfood culinarian, wellness guide & certified yoga instructor. She is the founder of Blend and Press Wellness Bar, a local business known for its plant-based recipes that serve as natural, holistic medicine with palate-pleasing flavor. 

Chelsea’s love for yoga began as a teenager & has grown, evolved and expanded as she has aged. As a lifelong athlete, her practice has served as a means of cultivating stamina, mobility & strength (both physically & mentally).  Her belief in the transformative power of yoga can be seen in her teaching, parenting & off the mat living.

As a mother of a growing young, she is passionate about using the practice of yoga as a tool for empowerment, especially for young girls, & growth.  

Chelsea also loves spending time with her daughter, Brady, both on & off the mat.   When not creating new plant-based blends with her mini sous-chef, she is an active member of her community, an avid runner, a tennis player & a Lululemon ambassador.